Career Profile

Senior Engineer at Innovalor

Every line of code that doesn’t exist, is correct!

My main focus is server side software development both using Java EE and Azure Functions.

  • Also working on data mining using the ELK (Elasticsearch) stack.
  • Interested in functional programming with Scala, F# or Haskell.
  • Past experience in software engineering with C# JavaScript and many other languages.

I live in the city of Deventer, the Netherlands, and commute to work 4 days a week to Enschede. One day per week I work from home.


Senior Engineer

2017 - Present
Innovalor, Enschede, the Netherlands

Loaned out to DNB ID Solutions (Die Norkse Bank) to help creating their IDmee product, a mobile onboarding solution for banks. Within an international team based in the UK, Norway and the Netherlands, I did technical consulting on integrating the Innovalor ReadID service for ID verification. I am responsible for developing the signed PDF generation and upload service for IDmee. Most development is remote but it also involves regular travel to London.

Responsible for developing both client as well as server side logging for data mining within Innovalor. I wrote projections that ensured not personal data is logged.

Responsible for setting up and maintaing the ELK based data mining solution for ReadID. This solution must ensure that no privacy sensitive data is logged.

I Also work on parts of the ReadID server software for mobile verification. This software is used by major banks in the Netherlands such as ING, Rabobank and Volksbank for their mobile onboarding of customers involving eMRTDs and facial recognition.


  • Azure Functions (serverless), Keyvault and Blob storage
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • SQL Server
  • Ansible
  • Docker
  • Java EE
  • ELK (Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana)
  • OData

Research Engineer

2015 - 2017
Innovalor, Enschede, the Netherlands

Loaned out to DNB (Die Norske Bank) to investigate whether serverless development with Azure can be used to create a mobile onboarding solution integrating services from partners such as Iproov and ReadID. I experimented with Azure Functions in C# and learned Ansible.

For ReadID Started developing a client side data mining solution that finally dumps it’s data into Elasticsearch This solution must ensure that no privacy sensitive data is logged.

Worked on integration of the ReadID service into a pilot product for a customer.

Responsible for integrating a third party server side verification web service into the ReadID service product.

Participated in developing the ReadID server product. Wrote parts of the OData API documentation

Participated in the 2016 Dutch blockchain hackathon

Responsible for Jenkins based build infrastructure


  • Azure Functions (serverless)
  • Ansible
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • Java EE
  • Vaadin (UI framework)
  • ELK (Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana)
  • Android
  • WCF
  • OData

Software Engineer

2009 - 2015
Centric, Deventer, the Netherlands

Worked on Centric’s offering for document and case management for local government Suite4DM. Most work was at the Deventer branch office but sometimes in the Gouda headquarter or ‘s Hertogenbosch branch office.

  • Responsible for investigating and setting up new OData based web services
  • Knowledge transfer on OData to other team members.
  • Coached less experienced coworkers on software engineering matters.
  • Knowledge transfer on Javascript/Typescript, LINQ or WCF by giving presentations or sometimes pair programming.
  • Remote support customers with more complicated technical problems.
  • Responsible for writing most of the development manual of the then current DMS connector.
  • Technical consulting on this connector for Centric HR&Payroll solutions to both local developers and remote developers in Romania.
  • Technical consulting for a partner company.
  • Responsible for creating an integration test suite on the DMS connector using property based testing with MSTest and C#.
  • Participated in development of the then current DMS connector using VB.NET with SharePoint Server side Object Model, CMIS and Intraoffice.
  • Improved performance of a legacy solution to allow for +/- 200 concurrent users.
  • Participated in writing conversion software.
  • Wrote parts of the front end of the Centric Archive and DMS solution.
  • Was responsible for writing large parts of a metadata registration tool, “module documenten Distributie”, for local government using VB.NET and JavaScript.
  • Coached coworkers in upgrading the now legacy code of the beforementioned product. Especially I coached on converting the Javascript code to TypeScript and using webservices based on the dutch StUF standard.

Some of the technologies used are

  • WebAPI
  • OData
  • WCF
  • VB.NET
  • C#,
  • TypesScript
  • JQuery
  • CSOM and SharePoint Serverside Objectmodel

Software Engineer

2007 - 2009
IKM Engineering, Emmen, the Netherlands

IKM Engineering was an ISV that is specialized in decision support systems and advanced calculating models. Working on location in Emmen, from home in Deventer and in Cologne and Heidelberg.

  • Helped the company transfer to .NET and web oriented software Development. Part of the job was teaching both local and remote employees C#.
  • Was project lead for the first new product, a DotNetNuke(DNN) based HRM performance feedback system, for international engineering firm Royal Haskoning.
  • Participated in integration and development, Python/Zope based, in the International Fliwas project. An international project on crisis management in the context of water management between “waterschappen” in the Netherlands and Germany. (Cologne and Heidelberg). This was in close cooperation with developers from German partner company Leiner & Wolff Gmbh.
  • Responsible for maintenance and performance analysis on their existing Delphi based software for portfolio analysis for housing (AKZO paint).
  • Responsible for for maintenance on existing Delphi based software for predicting paint maintenance on housing(AKZO paint).
  • Saved time on internal IT by simplifying, consolidation and moving services to the Google and Amazon cloud.

Application Engineer

1999 - 2007
Novay (former Telematica Instituut), Enschede, the Netherlands

Telematica Instituut later renamed Novay was a national research institute that brought together business, science and society. Developing prototype software for groupware, presence, healthcare, public transport, multi channeling, decision support, and remote control.

  • Within the Gigaport Awareness project I wrote a demonstrator that showed presence of coworkers on a map and in a building. Using Ajax longpolling, Google Maps and a X3D(predecessor of WebGL) model of a building. Presented this at technology conference (ICT Delta Congres).
  • For ‘Kanalen in Balans’ Multichanneling (initially for financial agents) I converted Excel based models to a Web Application using Javascript and Drupal.
  • Participated in securing access to fast internet via fiber using Radius,DNSSEC and SAML.
  • Rewrote the secure file transfer for the remote control of Electronic Microscopes for material analysis from a non performing messaging system to plain ftp over OpenVPN. Demonstrated on a conference in Amsterdam RAI.
  • For a management event setup a demo environment for Second Life. With coupling to external services.
  • For Prorail (Dutch National Rail infrastructure authority) & NS (Dutch National Railway company)
    • Participated in development of a train simulator for efficient driving for cargo and passenger trains. (Scenario trains on Texel).
    • Did technical advice on location based services for maintenance in the rail sector.
    • Saved a trial on location based train timetables from being aborted. I wrote a working prototype service in 1 short line of code, with a working mobile Symbian client in 3 short lines of code in a Friday afternoon. Trial made the national paper “De volkskrant”.
  • Sponsored by Microsoft
    • prototyped presence for business , Messenger, sensor data, calendar, phone exchange and the device used. Presented this at CeBIT. Currently known as Lync.
    • Was invited to Cambridge University by Microsoft Research for a 3 day conference. Looked especially in integrating options for their CRM offerings.
    • Visited TechED 2005 in Amsterdam RAI.
    • Spent a day in Disneyland Paris for a mobile development conference on the .NET compact framework.
    • Looked into the .NET compact framework for development.
    • Created a prototype mobile application, using .NET compact framework, for patients with Alzheimer disease.
    • Prototyped the CocoWare Groupware Framework.
    • First in Java, later in cooperation with Microsoft in the early betas of NET 1.1.
  • Presented a Shared browsing(WebDAV presence) on CSCW 2000 Philadelphia.(Cloned ICQ Surf for business use)
  • Worked on a prototype for a national patient record system using the .NET compact framework.
  • Created some of the server side code for a POC that was used in the care for patients with a stroke.

Volunteer citizen participation board member

2008 - 2009
Municipality of Deventer

Also member of local group for stimulation of solar energy.

Student assistent

1995 - 1998
University of Twente

Assisting jobs at labs teaching students programming both for first years and elder students.

One of the jobs was testing the then new integration project that let new first year students integrate their gained knowledge into a mockup situation of flood protection/coastal defense, (Maeslant Kering).

Another was introduction into programming with C++, where I had to prepare the subject in my summer holiday. I also had to give one of the courses because the teacher was not present.

Blogs and Side Projects

My blogs and side projects

Noaber Java - Noaber, the Java version . An experimental Java libary providing extention for Functional Programming in Java
Noaber .NET - Noaber, the .NET version . An experimental C# based libary providing extension for Functional Programming in C# or VB.NET


Scientific publications.

Demonstration proposal, Collaborative Component Software, The CoCoWare Framework and Its Application
Hans Kruse, Henri Ter Hofte, Robert Slagter
ACM CSCW 2000 Philadelphia

Skills & Proficiency




Java EE




Azure Functions








MSc in Computer Science

1994 - 1999
University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands

Ir. (Msc.) degree in 1999 on designing a specification language(and tools) for non functional properties in distributed systems. We would now recognize this as cloud mapping. Today you would choose to have a tool that generates an Ansible script.

I did my thesis at Hollandse Signaal Apparaten(now Thales), a French electronics company delivering information systems and services for the Aerospace, Defense, and Security markets.

Earlier I did my internship also at Hollandse Signaal Apparaten. I investigated the usefulness of Java Beans.

Most of my advanced subjects where mainly taught by the sub department of Telematics and Formal Methods, but also by the sub department of Software Engineering or the department of Mathematics. Some of the more advanced subjects

  • Software Engineering
  • Advanced compiler building
  • Communication protocols
  • Application protocols
  • Discrete event systems
  • Conceptual Structures
  • Ergonomics

Active member of study association Inter-Actief. Mainly involved in editorial and design work for the assocications’s magazine.


1992 - 1994
Schravenlant, Schiedam, the Netherlands

Higher education that gives acces to university. Graduated on the following subjects

  • Dutch
  • English
  • Mathematics A
  • Mathematics B
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Economics I


1987 - 1994
Schravenlant, Schiedam, the Netherlands

Higher education that gives access to college. Graduated on the following subjects

  • Dutch
  • English
  • Mathematics B
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Economics I

Primary school

1981 - 1987
De Ouverture, Schiedam, the Netherlands

Base 2 ,3 …n counting


1979 - 1981
De Mallemolen, Schiedam, the Netherlands

Reading an analog clock. This is important, it is a Monad!